08/03/2019 News


In the last 15 years, along with the economic development of the country, the economy of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province has prospered; many projects are invested by the State’s investment credit capital and is working effectively.

Contributing positively to the State Budget, contributing to improving the lives of the people, including the Project Investment in construction and trading of infrastructure of Phu My Industrial Zone 3 is selected as intensive industrial zone for Japanese investors is implemented in Phuoc Hoa commune, Tan Thanh district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province.

Recently, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Development Bank branch has invested effectively projects completed and put into use with the State’s development investment credit capital such as: Phu My Power Plant 3, Cold rolled steel plant, Leaf plate steel plant, Dong Tien steel factory … The branch has supported post- investment for big projects such as Pomina Steel Factory, Ho Da Den Water Supply System, Factory Tuong An oil, My Xuan paper factory, Hoang Gia ceramic tile factory, Italian House ceramic tile factory, factory producing Bach Viet CD-R, Phuoc Hoa quarry …. In addition to projects that have successfully invested with the State’s development investment credit capital, the Branch is currently disbursing loans for the project “Investment in construction and trading of technical infrastructure in Phu My 3 Industrial Park”.

Phu My 3 Industrial Park project is invested by Thanh Binh Phu My Joint Stock Company, with the total investment of phase 1: VND 4,552 billion. In which, Vietnam Development Bank assigned Ba Ria – Vung Tau Development Bank branch to lend VND 1,365 billions of State credit capital. Currently, the project has compensated for site clearance of more than 700ha of clean land and is carrying out leveling, construction of synchronous technical infrastructure of the project. It is expected that by the end of the first quarter of 2016, the project will be put into operation for Japanese investors and domestic investors to lease land to invest in projects in accordance with the functions specified in the industrial park.

Many advantages to attract investment

The Phu My 3 Industrial Park project was selected by Ba Ria – Vung Tau province to develop into a specialized Industrial Zone to attract Japanese investors, and was designated according to the Vietnam- Japan joint statement. The whole area has a total area of 999ha, designed by professional international consulting company Nikken Sekkei Civil Engineering with the aim of developing into a complete and synchronous industrial zone with international infrastructure and facilities, currently being designed in detail by Nippon Koei (Japan) for technical construction drawing. Accordingly, the investment plan to build four functional zones, including: 281ha industrial zone, 118ha heavy industrial zone, 132ha port and logistics zone; residential area, urban area of 56ha and the remaining area is green park, infrastructure, golf course … In Phu My 3 Industrial Park, there will also be accommodation area for officials, workers, engineers and specialists. with fresh and comfortable living space, full of services such as houses, hotels, rental apartments, shopping centers, international schools, hospitals, recreational sports parks, … at the same time providing comprehensive investment support services through the “One stop service” to advise, support investment procedures and operations of enterprises to limit procedural and support troubles. maximum support for investors, including support for the establishment of companies and investment licenses, translation assistance, import and export procedures, customs clearance, logistics, warehousing, employment support and management human resources management, professional accounting support, tax declaration procedures.

Model of developing Phu My 3 industrial park

With favorable conditions in providing, transporting goods, and promoting international trade activities, when operating, the Industrial Park promises to become a logistics center for the entire key economic region. in the south …

According to the approved plan, after completion, this IP will be a miniature city, with all necessary facilities and services, such as schools, hospitals, banks, post offices, trade center, medical station, high-rise apartment building, housing area for workers … Phu My 3 IP will also be invested according to the model of urban industrial park which is the first model of the whole country to be built. in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. According to Mr. Pham Quoc Dung, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Thanh Binh Phu My Joint Stock Company, the project will spend at least 300ha to serve Japanese investors in a total of 999ha to motivate potential investors. domestic and foreign functions. IZs can meet the needs of many industries and production scales, from heavy industry to light industries such as petrochemicals, chemicals, basic materials, supporting industries, mechanical engineering, molds, high technology, ports and logics. The project will create a major shift in the industry, creating stable, high-quality, export-standard goods flows and being able to replace imported goods; contributing to promoting the development of rural agriculture and restructuring of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province in the direction of industrialization and modernization, contributing to improving the face of Phu My urban, creating an urban landscape. Modern, clean and beautiful market.

The biggest advantage of Phu My 3 IP is the easy access to the Cai Mep – Thi Vai deepwater port system (about 4km away) so that large container ships from 60,000 tons to 80,000 can be picked up. direct tons from North America and Europe. Besides, Phu My 3 IP also has the advantage of natural materials that can be supplied directly from gas pipes (Natural gas – LPG – condensate gas); many power supply stations help meet the stable power source (plan to develop 4,100KW power source for Phu My 3), and Phu My 3 also invests in construction of underground electric cable system to ensure power supply for production power outage due to maintenance of the electrical system; Abundant source of water, can provide 50,000 m3 / day continuously from the mountain lake (capacity: 200 million m3) and can treat wastewater thanks to the standard A system (implemented by the contractor Kobelco Eco – Solutions).

Survey of construction progress of Phu My 3 Industrial Park

Not to mention, Phu My 3 Industrial Park also has other attractive services such as high-quality communication system with extensive fiber-optic network, logistics system, service center including office for lease and office. trade office, recruitment office … In addition, Phu My 3 Industrial Park has a very special position, can be conveniently connected with key transportation systems such as the existing National Highway 51, 500m away from the Industrial Park; Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay highway (about 25 km); two belt roads Phuoc Hoa Cai Mep and 991B help the project to connect with key economic centers in the South and other countries in the region.

According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Thao Nhi, General Director of Thanh Binh Phu My Joint Stock Company: “Phu My 3 Industrial Park is a perfect combination to create many opportunities for businesses thanks to differences and cost optimization in manufacturing charges. With the advantages of Phu My 3 Industrial Park such as convenient connection with international deep-water ports and national highways, synchronous power and water supply system, natural gas pipeline and abundant raw materials such as oil and gas, gas, petroleum products and after oil, minerals, steel, rubber, seafood. The target of the company in the near future is to complete the synchronous and convenient infrastructure of international standards, fully meet the needs of investors, especially Japanese investors.

Attractive incentive mechanism

Along with the specific advantages available, Phu My 3 Industrial Park will apply extremely preferential policies for investment enterprises, especially enterprises from Japan. Specifically, when investing in Phu My 3, businesses enjoy special preferential tax rates, including corporate income tax of 17% applied in 10 years from the start of business operations; corporate income tax is exempted completely within 2 years from the time the enterprise has profit and 50% tax reduction for the next 4 years. Import tax exemption for equipment, supplies, means of transport and other goods imported to carry out investment projects, or to serve oil and gas activities and investment equipment, in the country yet At the same time, the Director of IZ is a Japanese expert who has many years of experience in industrial one management, which will help Phu My 3 meet high quality standards, combined with one-door policy maximum support for businesses. The legal consultancy and support team of the IP will support customers on issues related to the investment and recruitment process, provide the best working environment to help businesses feel secure and develop their products business. On the other hand, abundance of land and competitive rental rates are also an advantage for businesses seeking and selecting investment locations. Moreover, Phu My 3 is accepted as a specialized IP for Japanese companies in South Vietnam, so the lease term can be up to 70 years instead of 50 years as usual.

Phu My Industrial Zone 3- Mechanism of remuneration for investors

The investment in construction and trading of technical infrastructure of Phu My 3 Industrial Zone is an economic development orientation, in accordance with the general planning of Phu My urban area approved by the Prime Minister, in accordance with urban planning. Ba Ria – Vung Tau province and the southern key economic region. This will help Ba Ria – Vung Tau soon realize its dream of becoming a supporting industrial center. Supporting industrial enterprises are a key force to provide intermediary products for large-scale, high-tech enterprises. Phu My 3 Industrial Zone was approved by the Government to build a Vietnam – Japan Specialized Industrial Park which helped Ba Ria – Vung Tau have a basis to meet the requirements of Japanese investors to invest in industrial parks. Full of utilities, suitable for Japanese culture and habits. This is a new step in implementing the content of the economic cooperation agreement between Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province and Kawasaki City (Japan).

Currently, the company has 02 Japanese investors renting land of the project: Marubeni Group employs about 33ha to invest in a paper factory project; Nitori Holding Company Limited leases about 40ha to produce interior and exterior goods in Vietnam; and 01 UK investor: Jincos Company leases about 9ha to invest in the project of furnace dust treatment plant. With favorable conditions, it is hoped that Phu My Industrial Park project will be successful, effective and bring the socio-economic development in the future to Ba Ria – Vung Tau province when the project is completed and put into operation, in which the indispensable contribution from the development investment credit capital of Government; As a fund sponsor for the project, Vietnam Development Bank Ba Ria – Vung Tau Branch put the trust in Thanh Binh Phu My Joint Stock Company to take advantage of good conditions and opportunities to implement the project. ensuring the progress, ready to coordinate in time to remove difficulties and difficulties in order to promote the efficiency of the project, contributing to the socio-economic development of the province and the country.